Traditional Values, Modern Approach

Because we know that babies learn from birth, our program supports the child's needs to be nurtured and loved.  Individualized care is given through cuddling, singing, and talking to your child.  We encourage our babies to communicate with us by playing some of their favorite games like pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo.

Sleeping and feedings are individualized to coincide with your schedule at home.  Until your child is fifteen months of age, we follow your written diet plan.  We work with you to continually update the feeding plan as your child grows and changes foods. 

We do require a current physical and immunization record before and throughout your enrollment at Heritage Children's Academy.


We refer to our young toddlers (12-18 months) as "Climbers", and our older toddlers (18-24 months) as "Adventurers".  We know how they love to climb and explore absolutely everything, so we provide an environment with activities to satisfy their need for play exploration.  Each day they develop their small and large muscles by engaging in numerous physical activities.


Our wonderful two year olds are affectionately know as the "Wee-Schoolers".  Throughout the year, they are guided as they become more independent and eager learners.  Diverse social opportunities and hands-on experiences, guided by our supportive and encouraging staff, are provided to build confidence and feed their natural curiosity.

The preschool years lay the foundation for future successes in the school environment.  The academic focus is on letter and number recognition as well as introducing basic literacy, science and math skills. 

Social preparation includes opportunities for large and small group interaction as well as time to explore individual interests.  The day is structured carefully to allow children the freedom to choose from a variety of activities that are planned to develop age-appropriate skills.


We believe that children who enter school prepared will become confident in their ability to achieve in educational settings.  With this in mind, we use a kindergarten readiness program called "Open the World of Learning" (OWL) to accommodate the learning styles of our four year olds.

They leave use well prepared to excel in kindergarten and beyond.